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 Internet Marketing My passion is exploring countries and regions that are not found on typical travel itineraries. I thought I’d mention Forrester’s use of Interactive Marketing in their recent report Forrester’s Five Year Interactive Marketing Forecast where they broke Interactive Marketing into 5 categories. Click this link: 100. I stick away from ‘online’ ‘web’ ‘internet’ and stuff, as it limits you to a technology defined silo. I think from the perspective of customers of ‘online marketing’ they will refer to it as ‘website marketing’. I think in the industry, Know what guys, I refer to it as ‘Online Marketing’. As ‘online’ seems to cover a broader spectrum of pics that should be marketed. Fact, I really can’t see the connection between online marketing and anything to do with get rich quick. Why I work across offline, online, and mobile media. Rather than the technology used, I specialise in Community Marketing which is appropriate being that it’s about the methods employed.

 Internet Marketing Since most of the terms are fairly interchangeable.I choose the term depending on traffic and competition.

I like it’s flexibility to scale alongside future technologies/platforms/devices.

Have to side with Lisa R, To be honest I use/prefer Interactive Marketing. I’m calling myself a Web Developer these days. Considering the above said. The issue with the term site promotion is that if I’m talking to someone about what I do, they either have no information what website optimization is, or it means about identical thing as Spammer does to them. I guess Web Marketing is the least tainted of the choices you’re giving. Terms Online Marketing and Internet Marketing been equally tainted by the ‘get rich quick if you buy my ebook and build your favourite mailing list’ folks. Covers pretty much all the bases.

 Internet Marketing Oddly, I’m quite sure I did the reverse. Back in 97, I used Online Marketing but I switched to saying Web Marketing about 5 years ago. So in case your looking to hire, be sure to include all three in your posting for maximum exposure. I will say that if you’re searching for a job online, be sure to use all three variations on Indeed, OASEO, etcetera The results are quite different. Internet Marketing seems to have about 4X the tal amount of mentions in Google than Online Marketing. Let me tell you something.

One somewhat ‘data driven’ rationale for this. It seems that internet marketing is more widely adopted. Generally, we consider ourselves online now and then, as marketers we should say we’re marketing online.

I think online marketing is the most accurate and all encompassing term as we market through Yahoo and directories traditionally used to find what your looking for, the concept of ‘online’ is evolving over the last 3 years and I should reference the web 0 concept to ‘online’. Blog sites and forums. Did you know that the word online makes me think of wires and modems, that is Did you know that a bit of aI actually will often refer to them as SEM so clients don’t rule out landing pages, local, or other similar tactics.

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