Business Analyze them, right after you are posting for a time long enough to have results you can analyze. Understand which posts type have seen the most interaction and which have led to the real world goals that you set being achieved, and concentrate on producing more of those. Favorite business books.

While Anything by Maxwell, consequently add the Rich Dad series by Kiyosaki, slight Edge, ‘Entreleadership Dave’ Ramsey, How the Mighty Fall -Jim Collins, $ 100 Start Up -Guillebeau, 4 HR Work Week Ferris.

I could go on as I’m an avid reader. You can browse some amount of this books on the PDF search engine.

This 100 might be a good solution. For example, more many of us know that there are million of Author reviews, manuals or user guides available.

 Business The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, definitely a must read, From the list we agree with first book -&gt.

It’s great and full of ns of information.

I am reading EntreLeadership. Each page I find something now this post was written by Kate Erickson, Content Creator and Community Manager for EntrepreneurOnFire. ABSOLUTE MUST READS!!!! It’s the first business book I ever read and it’s what got me into all of this! Seriously. Go Giver is AMAZING! I loved Rich Dad Poor Dad so I’m really looking forward to reading Cash Flow Quadrant going to be have a look at a recent update here. Happy you enjoy the resource! Now please pay attention. Hi Remie -I’m so glad you asked!! How to Win Friends and Influence People is on my p 10 list as well. Other’s on my list are ‘7 Highly Habits Effective People’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and ‘The Tipping Point’. Let me tell you something. Take a look at quite a bit of my list at Would love feedback, and obviously we are on identical wavelength regarding good books! Or business all in all I know it’s this book, if there is one book to read for blogging.

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